17 goals & 122 targets & 214 indicators

National Sustainable Development Goals

Korea’s rapid economic growth over the last half century has come at the cost of many social & environmental values: income inequality, worsening air quality and lack of decent jobs. Facing these challenges, the country started to walk in step with the global trend for inclusive growth and committed itself to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the 2015 UN General Assembly. The process to align global sustainable values into its own national policies has already begun. In 2018, the Government has developed Korean SDGs, i.e. K-SDGs, to address the country’s unique challenges in the manner most targeted to local circumstances, such as low birthrate, income polarization, air pollution from transportation and peace on the Korean Peninsula. The K-SDGs have 17 goals, 122 targets and 214 indicators.

Governance for Sustainable Development

Establishing the K-SDGs, one of the most participatory processes was introduced to engage government, civil society and academic experts. 14 stakeholder groups, i.e. K-MGoS, representing diverse segment of the society, such as women, people with disabilities, and youth, actively participated in the consultations for developing K-SDGs. The Commission on Sustainable Development and the Government will publish national reports on sustainability every two years based on K-SDGs. Also, the Government is trying to align local, national, global dimensions of the 2030 agenda. The central government and local authorities are working together to adapting K-SDGs to the local contexts.

logo list
  • 01.No Poverty
  • 02.Zero Hunger
  • 03.Good Health And Well-being
  • 04.Quality Education
  • 05.Gender Equality
  • 06.Clean Water And Sanitation
  • 07.Affordable And Clean Energy
  • 08.Decent Work And Economic Growth
  • 09.Industry Innovation And Infrastructure
  • 10.Reduced Inequalities
  • 11.Sustainable Cities And Communities
  • 12.Responsible Consumption
  • 13.Climate Action
  • 14.Life Bellow Water
  • 15.Life On Land
  • 16.Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions
  • 17.Partnerships For The Goals

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